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Wednesday the 6th of September.

Strength : Every 90 Secs for 8 Sets

Hang power Clean + Split Jerk x 3

* Drop bar and reset each time. Keep weight manageable and focus on speed.

Conditioning : For Time

Run 600m

21 Hang DB Clean and Jerk

21 Wall Balls

100 Double unders or 200 SS

Run 600m

18 Hang DB Clean and Jerks

18 Wall Balls

80 Double unders or 160 SS

Run 400m

15 Hang DB Clean and Jerks

15 Wall Balls

60 Double Unders or 120 SS

Run 400m

12 Hang DB Clean and Jerk

12 Wall Balls

40 Double unders or 80 SS

* 20 min TC

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